Reservation Policy

【 Check-in and check-out 】
Check-in starts at 3pm. Check-out is until 11am.
【 Time for breakfast 】
Breakfast can be prepared at 7:30, 8:00, 8:30, or 9:00.
Please make a reservation for your preferred time.
If you would like for us to prepare a lunch box for an earlier time, feel free to let us know.
【 Room service 】
※Coming soon.
We have menus for restaurants in the shopping district. (Please see attached page.)
【 Return transportation 】
We will provide transportation to and from JR Uchiko Station.
Please make a reservation by the previous day.
A driver will arrive at the inn at your requested time.
【 The buildings’ soundproofing 】
Although the buildings appear new due to their full renovation, they are actually wooden structures built over 100 years ago.
While we have given great consideration to the issues of the buildings’ acoustic insulation, soundproofing, and shaking, loud sounds can escape.
Therefore, please be mindful not to bother the neighbors.
【 No smoking on the premises 】
Smoking is prohibited in all areas including the terraces and verandas of the inns.
Please be aware that, in the event that smoking takes place in a room, we may request a payment of two days’ worth of stay as cleaning and business insurance fees.
【 Bringing your own food and drinks 】
Feel free to bring in your own foods and drinks.
* Mineral water is available in the kitchen refrigerator.
Coffee, black and green teas (in tea bags) are on the shelf.
* We have also prepared a map of supermarkets and convenience stores. (See attached page.)
(The closest convenience store is a 5-minute walk.
Go straight down the hill till you reach the highway, and it is on your left.)
【 Use of the kitchen 】
Feel free to use the cooking utensils in the kitchen cabinet, as well as any of the condiments.
To ensure safety, please observe the precautions for use while cooking.
【 Amenities 】
Available amenities:
Face towel, wash towel, and bath towel, sleepwear, toothbrush, comb, razor,
shampoo/conditioner/body-soap set, blow-dryer, humidifier
Please bring items you need that are not listed above.
* The towels are 100% organic cotton, made by IKEUCHI ORGANIC of Imabari City.
IKEUCHI ORGANIC towels can be purchased at Machi-no-eki Nanze.
【 Using rolling suitcases 】
Our floorboards are vulnerable to hard objects.
We appreciate your cooperation in carrying in your suitcases without rolling them on their wheels.
【 Pets 】
No pets are allowed at the inns.
Our inns are wooden structures built over 100 years ago.
Bringing in pets could result in leaving behind unwanted odors.
Please be aware that if a pet is brought in, we may request a payment worth two days’
stay as cleaning and business insurance fees.
Thank you for your understanding.