A traditional Japanese-style inn with a distinct look of a kurazuruki (clay-walled warehouse-type) building.
It is the type of simple and compact inn where you’ll subtly feel the presence of your friends and family.
In the gathering room is a unique sunken kotatsu (table with a heat-source underneath), and a stone-walled garden.
It’s a warm and comfortable village inn. Open a window, and you can feel the energy of Uchiko nearby.
Room layout
From 3:00 pm (Please let us know if you will be later than 6 pm.)
*Please arrive at Machi-no-eki Nanze. After registration, we will drive you to the inn.
11:00 am
*We offer transportation to JR Uchiko Station and other nearby locations. Please request by phone or email.
Accommodation rates

Base fee: ¥50,000 (plus tax) per building
/ + ¥2,500 (plus tax) per person (includes breakfast)
(without breakfast: ¥1,000 per person)

For example, a reservation for 4 guests would be
¥50,000+(¥2,500x 4 people)=¥60,000 plus tax

Breakfasts made with seasonal vegetables and fruits will be delivered and served at the requested time.
Please choose between Japanese and western-style breakfasts.

Japanese food
Rice, miso soup, jakoten (fried fish patties), various side dishes,pickles, fruits, etc.
Western food
Sandwich (Uchiko pork ham and eggs), salad, tangerine juice, etc
We will introduce eateries in the neighborhood.
Towels, toothbrush, body soap, shampoo, conditioner,comb, razor, blow-dryer, slippers, sleepwear
2871 Uchiko, Uchiko-chō, Kita-gun, Ehime 791-3301
Machi-no-Eki Nanze
Behind “Uchiko-chō Visitors Center A-runze”
2023 Uchiko, Uchiko-chō, Kita-gun, Ehime 791-3301
TEL 0893-44-5735 / FAX 0893-44-6441